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Passionate About Inspiring Others

As Project Manager acting in international Projects with virtual Teams and Coach/Mentor in Project and Process Management I will guide you to improve / Setup your Projects to become success stories. Also supporting in processes which have to be maintained to provide closed Loop feedbacks for improvements I´m ready for helping you.

Due to the fact acting as Trainer in Project Management I learn you tools, metrics and methods to track and Monitor more efficient. This leads into less management efforts in respect of time, costs and parallel increasing quality  in leading projects.

As Process Manager / Owner I guide you how to create or define processes, RASID charts and maintain them to assure high Quality Performance. Metrics and methods for processes will be reviewed to help out in daily business conditions.

As Coach in Knowledge Management / Intellectual Property Management or lessons learned processes are a solution-oriented approaches to workmanship is for me a matter of course . Best Practices are prime examples for modern proactive Management style.

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